Sports for All - physical fitness and fun

Our teaching aims to promote the agility, fitness and good health of the children and also to develop a healthy attitude towards both co-operation and competition.

Our hall (2005) is equipped for gymnastics and dance and our playground and vast field are marked out for team games and athletics.  Our children swim weekly at Maidstone Leisure Centre which ensures high standards in swimming and water safety.

We have teams for gymnastics, dance, football, cross country, hockey, rounders, swimming and cricket.  Extra coaching and matches with other schools take place after school.
Extra Curricular Activities

Sports Group: handball, lacrosse, dodge ball, hockey, Tag Rugby

Seasonal Activities

Maypole dance teams (lunch breaks from March to May).

Gym Competition teams – before school during February and March.

Gym Display team – lunch breaks during May and June.

Sports teams – after school throughout the year.