Social Studies - understanding our world

History, Geography, Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health education and French are taught through topic work in infant classes and as discrete subjects to the older children.  Our emphasis throughout is on enhancing the children’s knowledge of their world and providing practical opportunities for them to experience it at first hand.

At Hollingbourne we are well known for love of reliving the past through dressing in costume and experiencing history “directly”, whether by engaging in Roman battles,  living through the blitz, dancing Tudor madrigals, or  spending the day as Victorian children in Dr Barnardo’s Ragged school.  

We explore geographical concepts first hand through fieldwork by exploring our own locality and by visiting coastal and contrasting urban areas.  We teach a love of maps and use important international events such as the football World Cup and Olympic Games to explore the wider world.  We have developed close links with a school in Malawi and our extensive work in this area has led to our achievement of the International Schools award.

We have strong links with the local church, attending services for important events in the Christian Calendar and our local vicar takes an assembly at school each week.  The emphasis on all religious teaching is the development of spirituality and we aim to convey this through exploring the content of all the major world religions, learning about beliefs, traditions and celebrations.

Personal, social and health education is taught in themes each term.  We address relationships, self esteem, bullying, ambition, and growing up, through assemblies, circle time, drama and class discussion.  We aim to integrate this learning throughout school life to enhance the health, happiness and focus of all our children.

We have a specialist French teacher who provides teaching for years 1 to 6.  The children learn a range of vocabulary and grammar to enable them to hold conversations and begin to write about themselves, their homes, towns and school.  The culmination of this learning is a residential visit to France in Year 6.