Science, Technology and ICT - looking to the future

We have a dedicated computer suite and computers in all classrooms.  Interactive Whiteboard technology is used in most classes to augment teaching.  Children develop understanding of a wide range of software programmes and we bring in specialists and their equipment to teach areas such as robotics, animation and data control.
In science our emphasis is placed firmly on the principle of “I do and I understand”.  We provide practical opportunities for the children to experience and understand the living world, materials and their properties, and physical processes.  The children investigate experiment, predict and evaluate, learning from their own observations and firsthand experience. 


Design technology is an integral part of our curriculum.  Children draw on scientific, creative and mathematical concepts to design and make products from textiles, plastics, wood, card and clay.  They begin to understand engineering and manufacturing processes and the importance of good design.  In Year 6 children build and race their own electric cars under the expert guidance of a visiting engineer.