Year 5 and 6 took part in a writing competition against other schools.  The task was to write a story based on Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.  Below is the winning story written by Ellis Park in Year 6.

The Giant And The Beanstalk

Once upon a time fields would stretch for miles, endless hordes of forests would carpet the land in a lush green; and birds would sing to their hearts content…

But then every so often an earth shattering roar would echo through the valleys and the world would seem to cower away. But a few months ago this all changed.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the tale of Jack And The Beanstalk, then you will know that the giant fell from the stalk and died, but no, you’ve got it all wrong, this is the sequel to Jack And The Beanstalk, but with a twist.

“I’m sorry Mr. Giant” the doctor announced nervously “You seemed to have knocked your head a little too hard after that nasty fall and have lost your memory” .

“Uh; where am I?” the colossal giant roared,

“You are in Beanville Hospital” replied the doctor even more nervous than before.

Then the giant arose, his robust legs as thick as tree trunks, and his bald head as shiny as polished chrome and his face… his face had the broadest smile you’ve ever seen. As he rose from the bed, the doctor, who had broken out in a sweat , frantically sprinted out of the door leaving the giant feeling rather confused. It seems our giant had changed his ways.

After a while of aimless wandering the worn out Giant ,wearing his torn and ragged clothes, came across a beanstalk. He decided to climb it. After an age of climbing through dense, emerald coloured leaves the exhausted giant reached the top.

Once at the top, the Giant’s eyes widened due to what stared blankly back at him. There on a floating island in the sky was a vast castle, then reality caught up with the Giant and he staggered up to the robust and rustic house.

As the Giant approached he could vaguely make out the flickering of a television and peered into the window,

“Oh, no one in, I’m sure they won’t mind me having a little look around” the giant said while eagerly licking his lips as he peered at the flavoursome bowl of cookies placed in the centre of the room. Once at the step of the door the giant grasped the brass handle and heaved it open, he plodded in.

Once inside the giant wandered into the kitchen, the immense oak cupboards loomed over him; then the giant heard something.

 “Fe fi fo fum how dare you disturb me I’ve GOT TO GET MY KNITTING DONE” , a weedy voice yelled.

The giant looked around for a hiding place but he was too big! So, not being the most intellectual species, he stood still, frozen to the spot, then the footsteps came closer tap tap tap tap… then… a Granny turned the corner. The giant instantly recognised her from the tales of his childhood as the granny from Little Red Riding hood and was a great fan. Being rather old and having poor eyesight Granny could not make out the huge object in the middle of her kitchen and waddled off; then…

“ AAACCCHOOO!” The giant sneezed sending helpless Granny out of the window and into the garden.

At this, the giant darted to the door; then he halted, turned back and grabbed the jar of cookies. Once securely grasped in his large hand he headed for the beanstalk. At the base of the stalk the Giant saw a red cape. Was it a bird, was it a plane? No it’s super…oh what a disappointment it’s Little Red riding hood.

“Hello kind sir,” said Little Red in a meek voice

“Uh, hello” the giant replied ,

Then the beanstalk shuddered as

 “fe fy fo fum I’ve got to get my knitting done” echoed through the sky, then Little Red looked up; her eyes fixed onto the descending Granny.

 “I know him” Little Red growled

“Him?” the giant thought

“It’s the Big Bad Wolf; that trickster” and with that she whipped an axe from her knickers and handed it to the giant… chop chop and the beanstalk fell.

In the end the Giant and Little Red fell in love (who’d have thought that?) and lived happily ever after.

Ellis Park


Age 10
We submitted two other stories by Hannah Lee and Jack Tuffin.

Double Trouble

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood, she and her mum were making a chocolate cake for grandma as she was sick. As it came out of the oven mum put it in a basket for Little Red Riding Hood to take to grandma. “Run along now and don’t talk to strangers” said Mum, waving good bye to Little Red Riding Hood as she skipped into the woods.

Little Red Riding Hood loved seeing grandma as she always gave her a yummy chocolate biscuit. She picked some lovely yellow daffodils for grandma as she knew how much she loved flowers. She smelt the big pine trees in the air, they smelt gorgeous, but suddenly she got a whiff of something different, it was coming from behind her. Little Red Riding Hood turned behind her and saw a hungry grey wolf sneaking up on her, “Ahhhh!” she screamed and ran, the wolf ran behind her licking his lips.

“I’ll get you!” he shouted.

 Little Red Riding Hood looked up ahead, she saw a bean stalk. She knew wolfs couldn’t climb so she climbed up with the wolf down below her.

As she got to the top she saw a lovely big castle, “That looks magical” she said to herself and with a hop and a skip she went over to see. By now she had forgotten about her grandma, she slid under a gap in the huge door and saw loads of money piled up in stacks. Suddenly a great voice boomed,

“Fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of an English man!”

Little Red Riding Hood was getting scared, who was it? She backed up against a washing basket but a small hand reached out and pulled her in.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” asked Little Red Riding Hood buried under the clothes, “I’m Jack and I am here to steal some gold as I am poor” said Jack, “Can you help me?”

“Of course” she said and sneaked out of the washing basket and over to the gold.  Jack but some in a sack but the enormous giant noticed them. “I will eat you until are dead!” shouted the giant, but suddenly he got a whiff of a lovely chocolate cake. He opened Little Red Riding Hoods basket and ate the cake!

 “Thank you thank you, you can take some gold now” he boomed. Jack and Little Red Riding Hood smiled and walked away with the gold, and they all lived happily ever after.

Hannah Lee


Age 9

The Return Of The Beanstalk

Once upon a time, there lived a very rich boy called Jack. The reason he was so rich, was because of a fortunate experience: a once in a lifetime trip to a giant’s castle. This was due to swapping his cow, for some magic beans!

One day Jack set out, from his exquisite mansion, to go to the market. As he arrived at his destination, he reached into his warm silk pocket and pulled out a pure golden egg, which sparkled endlessly in the sunlight.

On his way back he collided with a little girl. She had

dark hazelnut hair, bright blue eyes, and a shining red hood. “Sorry,” Jack squeaked.

“it’s ok, it was my fault too,” she replied.

“Who are you?” Jack questioned.

“I’m Red,”

“I’m Jack.”

As they walked back, they decided that Red would go to Jack’s house. Just as they were about to enter,

Jack’s eye caught a small green glow. “What’s that?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. They walked forward to find…a glowing green magic bean. Jack explained to her about his adventure, then it turned out Red had had one as well, with a wolf in it! They planted the bean and decided to meet up in his garden the next day.

The next morning they met up and discovered a giant beanstalk in Jack’s garden! They started to climb the beanstalk steadily.

As soon as they stepped onto the new platform, a giant wolf pounced out at them! Jack and Red ran as far as they could. But soon became out of breath.

Suddenly out of nowhere, came Red’s granny, and smacked the giant wolf around the head with a mallet! The wolf turned around, speechless, and collapsed into an unconscious heap, lying on the ground.

They all marched home, more proud than usual, and lived happily ever after! 

Jack Tuffin


Age 11