Academic Opportunities

At Hollingbourne School we have a well qualified, dedicated and experienced teaching staff, including exceptionally well-qualified teaching assistants. Throughout the early years class sizes are small; each child benefits from an excellent staff pupil ratio and their needs are recognised and met.

 During their time at Hollingbourne all the children are prepared thoroughly for their secondary schooling, whether it is at local Secondary or Grammar School. 
Each child’s progress is carefully monitored and reviewed termly.   The needs of those with learning difficulties are carefully addressed within our teaching. Extra support, including small group and one to one tuition are provided as necessary. Formal parents’ evenings are held three times during the year, whilst at the same time regular communication between parents and school is highly valued and encouraged. The relationship between home and school is undoubtedly one of partnership. 

In Foundation Stage the Children at Hollingbourne benefit from well-resourced indoor and outdoor areas which are constantly refined to maximise their potential for learning.

We have strong parental and community links: working in partnership with parents to share the children’s learning journey and with local playgroups to ease transition to full-time school. Photographs of the children are emailed home to enable them to reflect upon their school learning experiences with family, this leads to the production of a journal documenting their time in the Foundation Stage.