Sports Premium


This school receives money for P E and Sport £8461 in 2015/16 and £8500 in 2016/17. 

This is allocated as follows:







Agreement with Swadelands Sports College to provide specialist staff development and introduce staff and pupils to a wider range of PE and Sport.


Premier Sport after school provision providing teaching and competition opportunities with collaboration schools.


Additional swimming instructors, providing CPD for school swimming teachers.


Transport to event. 



  • Increase school's teacher skill level as a result of professional development input with corresponding pupil response (Year 4 came second overall in the District Cross Country series, Year 5/6 won the District Gymnastics Competition, Years 3/4 came second in the collaboration Dodgeball Competition.
  • Children not previously engaged in sport are now active members of the after-school sessions.
  • Every child in the school can swim.
  • Fitness levels have risen – almost every child is within their correct weight range.



The main thrust of our spending is long term.  Continuing professional development is giving all staff the capacity to extend their PE teaching, including the range and level of activities offered.


Work with the collaboration is laying firm foundations for interschool competition now and in the future.