Hollingbourne Primary School
Hollingbourne | Maidstone | ME17 1UA

School Council

The School Council is made up of children from all years to help make important decisions about the school as well as suggest improvements we can make. We have representatives from Culpeper and Eyhorne house.


VIPS are Year 6 children who are setting the example and leading the behaviour and attitudes of others.

V- Values Champion- demonstrate the school values consistently AND help others to do the same

I- Inspired Learner- excellent behaviour for learning at all times AND help others to do the same

P- Problem Solver- solves problems independently and resiliently before asking for help AND help others to do the same

VIPS can be found wearing a blue lanyard which contains a VIP badge.


Play Leaders

All children in Year 5 have undertaken training to be sports leaders. This means they help lead games and activities on the playground at break and lunch.

Peer Mediators

We have a number of Year 6 children who are fully trained peer mediators. These children are usually found wearing their peer mediator badge. At lunch and break they can be identified because they wear a high visibility jacket. Peer mediators help other children to resolve disputes before adults need to be involved.