Literacy & Numeracy - at the heart of all our teaching

Whilst we aim to provide a broad curriculum, we recognise that in order to succeed each child needs to attain high standards of literacy and numeracy.

These subjects are taught each day and pervade all other subject teaching, whether through play and exploration in the early years or more formally as the children develop.  Reading is taught through the phonics method, which research has shown to be most successful.  We encourage children to read a wide variety of literature and support this through our well stocked library and involvement in national book week activities.

We follow the national curriculum for both subjects but aim to enhance learning further by providing opportunities for drama and performance, entering poetry and maths competitions, visiting theatres, and exploiting the children’s love of technology to support and extend maths skills.  We link with local Grammar Schools for Gifted and Talented workshops and provide booster classes for those who need support.
The school has been awarded The Basic Skills Quality Mark, which aims to promote the highest standards in English and Maths.  Children with any difficulty in these areas are identified and given extra help.