Hollingbourne Primary School
Hollingbourne | Maidstone | ME17 1UA

Learning Experiences 2021-22

Welcome to Pine Class, we are a happy, inquisitive and creating Year 3 and 4 class. We hope you enjoy finding out about our learning experiences and lessons here. Miss Lamb, Mrs Spicer and Miss Huckstepp are always happy to answer any questions you have. 

Pine Class have been so busy. We explore Stone Age pottery and used clay to make our own pots, we learned how to meausre in metres and using a thermometer and we also enjoyed an enrichment afternoon learning to use a bow and arrow in archery. 

Term 2

We have had a very busy term. We enjoyed learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We created our own cave painting art in the style of paintings we examined. We enjoyed finding out how people lived in Iron Age hill forts. We made a round house and wrote about them for our hot task. We also learned some new skills in Design Technology where we learned how to thread a needle, use needles safely, pin materials together, use running, cross and back stitches, use applique and join fabrics using stitches we learned. We designed and made our own Christmas tree decorations. We hope you like them. 

Term 2

In English we have been learning how to write instruction texts; we followed instructions to make fortune tellers and some lovely poppies that we will hold on during our Remembrance service next term. We have also been enjoying OAA (Outside and Adventurous Activities) in PE. We read instructions and used our bodies to tell our partners what to do. We loved this. In Art we have been studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy who creates art from things found in nature. We made our own Andy inspired art and created an exhibition of it that Hollingbourne School enjoyed. We hope you like it too. 

Term 1

We have been busy this term learning about the human body, skeletons and muscles, we love maths games and the wordless book Journey has inspired our diary writing