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Important notice for parents

Please follow our new class Facebook page: 


I will post duck and caterpillar updates regularly and some videos of us reading stories or challenges you can try at home! Please share with the other Cherry Parents! Thank you!

Dear Cherry Class Parents,

We are aware that some of you and your children are having to self isolate, so please find below a list of things you could do with your child at home plus some websites you can access with online games and resources you can use.

I have updated the list of websites you may used and added a password for Phonics play which is a great resource for children. We are loving receiving your emails so please keep sending them in with updates on how you and the children are and with photos.

It will be beneficial to regularly practise counting and writing numbers to 20 and use them in number sentences, regular reading, reading and writing phase 3 sounds and tricky words and practising naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes.

As always we are always here if you have any worries, concerns or questions, please call the office or email the class email address and I will help as much as I can.

Stay safe and see you all soon!
Mrs Ischt

Welcome to Cherry Class!

Welcome to our class page! Here you will lots of pictures and information about what we have been up to in Cherry Class. 

Term 4 has come around so quickly, this term our learning experience will be 'Let it grow.' We will learn about farms and farming, growing plants trees and animals and looking at life cycles. We will be focusing on change and similarities and differences between different plants and animals.

Thank you for your continued support and if you need any help or if you have any questions please speak to Miss Lake or myself, we are always available for a chat.

Mrs Ischt and Miss Lake

Term 4 - Let it grow.

Term 3 - Paws Claws and Whiskers

Week 6

We finished our theme of animals this term with a week in Zoo animals, finishing off with an amazing trip to Wingham Wildlife Park! We saw so many animals and despite the rain we were in good spirits. We  drew and labelled animals we thought we would see, we thought about times and in our play we made zoos and printed foot prints. On top of that it was also Valentines Day! So we finally had our amazing Valentines event planned by Cherry Class and Mrs Bardley-Wyatt, it was lovely to see so many loved ones!

Week 5

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year. We began with a very exciting trip to London, China Town where we looked at the deocrations, looked at key aretfacts and we got to taste authentic chinese food! When we got back to class we shared the story of Chinese New Year, ordering ordinal numbers in Maths and retold the story in English. We then made our own chinese lanterns, fortune cookies, wishing trees and wrote our own symbols too.

Week 4

This week we read The Rainbow Fish and we had an underthe water theme - with an addition of three of our very own fish. The children named their fish Cherry, Sparkle and Firefly. We drew on tin foil, created our own fish and explored shells and coral.

Week 3

This week we read the story 'Which Pet Should I Get?' and explored the theme of pets. We even had 3 new additions to the classroom, three beautful fish! We set up a petshop, drew and described the fish and we began to take away too.

Week 2

This week we read the story 'The Giraffe who got his neck tied in a knot' by Thomas Ingham. We thought it was very funny and continued with our jungle theme, making snakes, animal masks adding animals.

Week 1

We started off our theme with jungle animals and we read the story 'The Lion who Wanted to Love', although we did really focus on getting to know the new classroom as we had a big shuffle around of furniture and completely changed the layout and resources available to the children.

Christmas in Cherry Class

We really enjoyed our christmas party (although please excuse the classroom we were getting ready for renovations). We danced our socks off, played party games and we had a special party in the hall with a special visitor! We had a best hat competition and we had our beautiful christingle service at the church. 

Term 2 -Bright Lights, Dark Nights.

Week 7

We have been practising for weeks, and finally our big show is here! We were very nervous but also very excited to show our grown ups what we have been working on! 

Our trip to Leeds Castle.

Leeds castle very kindly offered us entry to their site for free! We were very excited to visit, the children couldn't wait to show us around. We had a go on the mini-golf with a few lost balls, many of which Mrs Ischt had to try and fish out! We fed the ducks, some of us were brave enough to feed them by hand! We got lost in the maze and travelled through the grotto. We were left enchanted by the beautiful decorations in the castle. Despite the terrible weather we were in highspirits, albeit a little tired and worn out by the end.

Week 6

This week we had a visit from a rather naughty little elf, he was sent to cherry class so we could teach him how to be good. With it we read "There is an Elf in your Book." We wrote letters to santa and posted them in the postbox opposite, we created christmas tree paintings and ordered the christmas light numbers.

Week 5

This week we really got into the swing of our Nativity practise. We read the Christmas Story and we had lots of activities out based around this theme. We made our own stick puppets and put on a puppet show, we explored a nativity scene and created stars.

Week 4

This week we read Jack Frost and we were very lucky because he came and sprinkled his magic all over Hollingbourne. He left lots of ice and frost and lots of sparkles. We enjoyed crunching the leaves and spotting the mini icicles around the playground. We created frosty collages, decorated a frosty window and described Jack Frost we even made our own winter themed repeating patterns.

Week 3

This week we read 'My Pet Star', we all had or very own star to care for, then we wrote instructions on how to look after it. We created constellations with star stickers and chalk,  made our own starry sky by cutting and sticking and we also practised counting stars. 

Phonics Workshop

We loved having our parents and carers with us for our phonics workshop. We loved showing them our classroom and teaching them a phonics lesson, the children decided that they were much better at all of their letter sounds! We taught the grownups a new sound just like we do everyday, and then we had lots of games and activities set up around the room for us to explore. Mrs Ischt and Miss Lake set the task over the weekend to have a go at a few of the phonics games we showed or try a new one! It was lovely to hear what you got up to!

Week 2

This week to celebrate bonfire night, we read 'Sparks in the Sky', which is a lovely ebook all about how people celebrate on firework night. We watched a video about fireworks and we drew them, writing down the sounds we heard them making. We continued our number practise, counting, reading and writing numbers as well as finding one more than a  given number. We painted fierworks, created glitter glue firework displays and shape rockets.

Week 1

This week we learned about Diwali, we read the story of Rama and Sita which taught us why people celebrate Diwali. Then we read Dipal's Diwali which taught us about how people celebrate. It was really interesting and we loved all of the colours. We made our own Diva's out of salt dough and decorated them to take home. Throughout the week we made rangoli patterns, designed our own mehndi and counted divas. At the end of the week, we began to read Room on the Broom and with it we made lots of potions, rescued the spiders from their webs using tweezers and we designed and created our own broomsticks.

Term 1 - Super me, Super you!

Term 1 was a very exciting term for us in Cherry Class because we had a lot of firsts! We started school for the first time, had our first lunch at school, took home our first book and reading buddy, had our first harvest festival, had our first visitor and our first trip! Have a look below at all of the wonderful things we got up to.

Our First Trip - Pumpkin Picking

We found so many types of pumpkins at Pumpkin Moon. The field was very muddy and a few of us lost wellyboots which Mrs Ischt had to fish out of the mud for us! Thankfully the weather stayed nice for us but it didn't stop us getting the bus stuck in the mud and having to have 4 members of staff push is off of the field!

Week 7

This week we continued with our Superveggie theme and read Supertato Veggies Assemble. We also got really stuck into our outside construction.

Week 6

This week we read Supertato which was very exciting! We wrote secret codes, revealing them by painting over the top, we mashed up peas, made super hero masks and we created our own superveggies.

Week 5

This week we read Oliver's Vegetables which was very fitting seeing as it was Harvest Festical this week. We created our own scarecrow, weighed vegetables and cleaned them too. 

Week 4

We read 'Little Acorns' this week and had lots of autumn themed activities. We made leaf crowns and explored autumn objects. As a school, we held a Macmillan Coffee morning, so we had lots of dessert themed activities in the classroom. We decorated biscuits, made icecream sundaes and we made playdough cupcakes.

Week 3

We kicked off this week with the book 'The Very Helpful Hedgehog'. We went on a hedgehog hunt looking for clues that hedgehogs may live in our playground, it ended with us finding a hedgehog, in our classroom! We all got to hold the hedgehog and stroke it if we wanted too. We did lots of other hedgehog and autumn themed activities to go alongside our book.

Week 1 and 2

Our focus for these two weeks were settling into Cherry Class, making friends and learning the rules. Mrs Ischt and Miss Lake listened to the things we liked when they came to visit us at our houses and then set them up in the classroom to make sure we came in nice and happy. We read lots of books that the children brought in for us to share, and we also began to explore the idea of Autumn with the book The Leaf Man.