About Us

In this section you can find information on our aims, objectives and ethos as well as our daily timetables, successes and the various groups and organisations within our school.


To provide children with an inspirational and authentic learning experience, set in the context of real life.

To provide children with secure foundations by teaching key skills for life.

To ensure that everyone in the school community takes responsibility for their learning by understanding the value it has both now and in the future.

To prioritise and promote the welfare and well being of children and their families.

To ensure that the school values are promoted, underpinning behaviours and attitudes of all stakeholders both in school and in the wider community.

To ensure that the strengths in all children are celebrated and nurtured.

To have fun!


  • to maximise each child's achievement (SATS, reading scores, swimming distance, etc.);
  • to welcome all visitors to the school with children behaving courteously and helpfully; objectives
  • to promote honesty and willingness to help in every child; 
  • to encourage all children to work hard in school and take homework willingly and regularly, completing it to a good standard; 
  • to recognise and provide appropriate support and challenge to all children who are gifted, talented, or have special needs.

Ethos and Values

Hollingbourne School is ‘a learning community developing hearts and minds’. The school focuses on the development of the whole child, including skills and values as well as knowledge. It is a friendly and caring school, where expectations of all are high. It has an ethos underpinned by the school’s key values of: resilience, acceptance, aspiration, honesty, collaboration, respect.