About Us

In this section you can find information on our aims, objectives and ethos as well as our daily timetables, successes and the various groups and organisations within our school.


  • to educate the children for maximum success in all areas of life;  
  • to deliver the national curriculum; aims
  • to provide knowledge and skills beyond the national curriculum (religious and moral, social and cultural);
  • to provide a stable, secure and stimulating environment in which to learn;
  • to develop a community committed to learning; demonstrating in all that we do, that learning is a worthwhile activity.


  • to maximise each child's achievement (SATS, reading scores, swimming distance, etc.);
  • to welcome all visitors to the school with children behaving courteously and helpfully; objectives
  • to promote honesty and willingness to help in every child; 
  • to encourage all children to work hard in school and take homework willingly and regularly, completing it to a good standard; 
  • to recognise and provide appropriate support and challenge to all children who are gifted, talented, or have special needs.

Ethos and Values

Hollingbourne School is friendly, caring and industrious, with an ethos based on Christian values. Politeness and courtesy are expected and a high regard for learning is developed at an early age.